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Vreau si eu un cantec de minim 3 strofe in engleza pe baza versului: ''Why?''
Multumesc anticipat. 
P.S. Sa poata fii cantat pe o melodie hip-hop.

Răspuns :

Măsura este 8 silabe pe vers, deși prin refren se cam distruge. În cele mai multe părți numai primele 7 silabe din fiecare vers sunt ocupate.
Why is everything so wrong?
Why everyone gets me wrong?
Why is everyone so mean?
Why can't I be...
...who I'm supposed to be!

Strofa 1:
It was an usual day
Everything went the right way
I was going home, let's say,
for/ eating the dinner that day.
Suddenly the lights went down
I don't know what is around
Then I've been hit by a fist
I hit back --- I missed!

Strofa 2:
The hit was so hard I fell
Unconscious, I haven't felt
Anything but the bright sun
Time has passed, well I woke up
I found out my bags were lost,
Stolen, but I cannot bust
them, because I haven't seen them/
It was dark, so who could see them?/

Strofa 3:
I went to the Police, well,
They told me they must know well,
I told them I haven't seen
Well, they can't do anything.
Here I am, my bags are lost,
By people I cannot bust!
Why is all the goodness lost?
Why/ is this world getting us lost?

Am pus slash când s-a făcut măsura completă (de multe ori, pe următorul vers)

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