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3. Write the adverbs in brackets in an appropriate position in the sentence. Sometimes, more than one answer is possible. 1. He sat in the corner. (quietly) 2. She went (to the cellar, downstairs) 3. I recall telling him what he was supposed to do. (yesterday, clearly) 4. They arrived. (on Tuesday, here) 5. They left. (in the afternoon, at five o'clock, with a great deal of noise) 6. She will want to go home. (probably, in the evening) 7. We see Danny, he's so busy. (at the office, hardly) 8. I like my tea hot. (usually) 9. I trusted him and I realised that he had played a trick on me. (only later, completely) 10. I've got high blood pressure and I have to take tablets for it. (daily)​

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